Swimming Pool Added to Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium

Swimming Pool Added to Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium
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photo by 904 Happy Hour

We all know that it gets wicked hot and humid in Jacksonville, even during football season. The Jacksonville Jaguars EverBank Field has a unique solution to this problem: hang out in the waist deep swimming pool while eating, drinking, and watching the game.

This new party deck is accessible if you pay for the pool side cabanas, and have a group size of at least 20 people. While this is definitely not a cheap option to watch the game, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is worth checking out.

Jacksonville.com reports that this will significantly increase revenue for the Jaguars.

There will be four pool Cabanas with 50 seats each near the two pools so access to the pools will be limited to 200 fans who buy the Cabana seats. Lamping said the Jaguars are concentrating on selling the Cabana seats to groups. “One group might buy all 200, another group might buy 50,’’ he said. “We’ve had companies buy the entire pool for several games.’’ Lamping isn’t worried about rowdy behavior at the pools.

“We’re not expecting any problems,’’ he said. “They’re paying a lot of money and if somebody in your group does something stupid, everybody is asked to leave. I think people are going to be policing it pretty well.’’

If they sell all the cabana seats for the regular season, it will be an increase in local revenue of $490,000 a season, which is important for a low revenue team.

To check them out at the next game, schedule the seats with EverBank Field

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