Organic Jacksonville Distiller Begins Brewing

Organic Jacksonville Distiller Begins Brewing

If there is one trend that has been noticeable in the last five years, that’s the organic trend, and Jacksonville, FL is no exception. Once thought as a fad that would go out of style, organic has swept mainstream, and for good reason-people care about their bodies, and want to put high quality ingredients into the things they consume.


Manifest Distilling is a innovative new organic distillery in Jacksonville that is producing an organic rye whiskey, using only the finest of ingredients. Although it will taste like other rye whiskies, you will be able to taste the difference I am certain. First coast news thinks so as well, and covers the whole distilling process in great detail:

“The yeast’s primary job is to consume a sugar and create an alcohol,” Cohen said. “Their byproduct, their excrement almost, is creating the alcohol that we will then distill.” Cohen’s philosophy on the use of organic materials to make the rye whiskey is simple. The end product will reflect what you used to make it.

“If you are feeding it garbage, it’s going to create a garbage product. Same thing with the actual type of yeast itself. If you are using a high quality yeast, you’re feeding it a high quality product, your end result is going to be high quality.” After three days, all of the sugar from the organic grain has been consumed, according to Cohen. The remaining product, referred to as the “distiller’s beer,” is roughly 6 percent alcohol. At this point, it is now ready to be reheated and distilled into high concentrations before finally being barreled.

Keep an eye out for the new launch and innovative products that will keep on coming. Manifest Distilling, Address: 960 East Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202, Phone:(904) 619-1479