Jacksonville University Shark Research

Jacksonville University Shark Research

Ocearch is a world class shark research organization that has been prominently featured on multiple TV shows, including Nat Geo and the History Channel. Now Ocearch has reached an agreement for a partnership with Jacksonville University, and will soon dock their boat here as collaboration efforts ensue.

There are many points of collaboration in talks, a few of which are research related and education related. This partnership will be an amazing thing for Jacksonville as the word is spread concerning the universities cutting edge educational and research programs. A side benefit is obviously the increase in admissions activity, as it is expected to attract those excited to work with these world class shark researchers.


Jacksonville Business Journal reports on this exciting partnership:

The conversation between the two organizations began almost two years ago, spearheaded by Quinton White, a professor of marine science and executive director of the JU Marine Science Research Institute.

As part of the deal, the organization’s boat will be docked in Jacksonville and Fischer will have an office and reserach space at hte university.

As well as adding to the school’s marine sciences reputation, Cost sees the partnership crossing across departments; Ocearch has its own K-8 STEM curriculum, for example, which could lead to collaboration with the School of Education.

It’s also expected to help with admissions: Ocearch is ubiquitous on social media, and having the JU logo on the ship should raise the school’s profile considerably.


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