Jacksonville Best Businesses for 2017

Jacksonville is a great place to work, live, and enjoy the beautiful Florida beaches. With a population of approximately 1.48 million and growing fast, there are plenty of reasons to live here, or visit on vacation. The average home price is also about $250,000, making it one of the most affordable beach metros to live in the US. We’ve got some great businesses here as well, and we’ve tried to create a short list of some you should visit or use in 2017.

Best Restaurant for Lunch

Lola’s Burrito and Burger Joint is a well rated Mexican restaurant on Trip Advisor, and their focus is on high quality ingredients that are cooked fresh. They believe that waiting a few extra minutes for great food is better than getting average food quickly. With original flavors and recipes, your tummy will be thankful.

Lola’s Burrito and Burger Joint, Address: 1522 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32205, Phone: (904) 738-7181

Best Beach Bar

The Lemon Bar, attached to the Seahorse Inn, is located right on the beach, and has great views of the water. This beach bar is located on Neptune beach, which is just east of downtown Jacksonville. Stop by for the 2017 season to enjoy their signature Lemon Bar Freeze.

Lemon Bar, Address: 2 Lemon St, Neptune Beach, FL 32266, Phone: (904) 372-0487

Best Home Builder

When it comes to custom built homes, there are many options, but it doesn’t get better than Seda New Home Construction, who have been at it in the area for decades and have an incredible reputation here. Contact them today to build your new Jacksonville beach home!

Seda New Homes, Address: 2120 Corporate Square Blvd # 3, Jacksonville, FL 32216 Phone: (904) 724-7800

Best Pool Builder

Let’s be honest, the best way to enjoy the Jacksonville sunshine is with your very own backyard pool. This can be a great compliment to a beach house, or a great space to hang out if you don’t live beach side.  Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros is the single source you need to add that beautiful pool to your home or business.

Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros, Address: 301 W. Bay Street Suite 14146, Jacksonville, FL 322o2, Phone: (904) 204-0899

Best Automotive Mechanic

RPM Automotive has multiple locations around Jacksonville, and offer full scale auto service from brakes to engine repair. With a great reputation, they have a loyal following, and are known to preach a commitment to the environment and a commitment to the community they serve.

RPM Automotive at the Beaches, Address: 304 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, Phone: (904) 249-5711





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