5 Loaves 2 Fish is a new 174 seat restaurant in Jacksonville, FL that originally started out as a food truck. It seems that this restaurant space is a result of the success and popularity of their brand- they only use fresh, un-frozen, ingredients and focus on using the foods that are in season. This food culture resonates with many Jacksonville residents as people aim to eat better, healthier, and feel great about reconnecting with natural foods around them.

Toben Stubee, the owner and chef of 5 Loaves 2 Fish has mastered his craft from many decades of experience with Latin and Caribbean cuisine. The food has always delighted, and it seems that the recent expansion to a retail space was the next logical step for the wonderful Jacksonville restaurant brand. Jacksonville Business Journal covered the launch nicely, with some beautiful pictures.

Taken by Jacksonville Business Journal.

Although the 10,000 square-foot restaurant is recently opened, the Stubees are already seeing customers come in from outside the office tower.

“The benefit of the food truck is people know our name and food,” said Deb Stubee. She added that being based in an office tower doesn’t hurt them — it actually helps bring in a built-in customer base, and said that having restaurants in high rises is found in most cities.

“It’s an integral part of Downtown culture,” she said. Future additions to the restaurant include more signage out front and in back of the tower, by the Riverwalk.

Toben Stubee also said he has plans to create a back patio and lounge and is applying for a liquor license, as well as beer and wine. Looking ahead, the Stubees said they plan to continue bringing their fine dining background to the restaurant, while focusing on fresh, local food and quality ingredients.

Be sure to check it out this weekend:

5 Loaves 2 Fish Cafe, Riverplace Tower, ground floor, 1301 Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207, Phone:(904) 423-0768


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